Professor Burt Malkiel is back on PBS Wealthtrack with Consuelo Mack

Burt Malkiel Wealthtrack

Rebalance IRA Investment Committee member Burt Malkiel sits down with Consuelo Mack of PBS Wealthtrack to talk about retirement investing, and how Rebalance IRA works to help clients achieve more with less risk.

Financial luminary and Rebalance IRA Investment Committee member Burt Malkiel joins PBS Wealthtrack for an exclusive interview where he addresses the current state of retirement investing, and the stock market at large. Burt will detail how Rebalance IRA’s Investment Committee works to help clients achieve more returns with less risk, and much more, now streaming at

In addition, check out Burt’s previous appearances on Wealthtrack, where he discusses Rebalance IRA’s unique investment approach, and the latest strategy employed by our firm to help clients retire with more.

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