Your retirement aspirations are our personal motivations.


Rebalance IRA investment review process for clients

We review your current assets and allocations…

At some point, you might have been told to “roll your 401k into an IRA.” And while that sounds simple, managing your retirement savings is much more complicated. You may have a current IRA, a 401k from a prior job, different brokerage statements, and perhaps a collection of funds and stocks in various accounts. At Rebalance IRA, we look at all of your assets from a holistic viewpoint and with your retirement goals in mind.

Rebalance IRA investment review process for clients

…and identify areas for improvement.

Through good old-fashioned listening (and a bit of high-tech), we get a better understanding of you — your risk tolerance, your retirement goals, and your life aspirations. Based on this understanding, we assess the good, bad, and ugly of your current assets and allocations and identify areas where improvements can be made. Our methodology is based on the understanding that when it comes to asset allocation, diversification is your greatest ally. We measure your current portfolio against our comprehensive IRA checklist, and show you ways to get the most from your retirement accounts.

Diversify your retirement investments for a better return

And then recommend a portfolio and a long-term plan.

Through years of experience and advanced software developed in-house, we create a custom investment portfolio specifically designed to ensure that you reach your retirement goals while minimizing uncertainty and stress.  The portfolio is comprised of carefully selected allocations and index funds, containing thousands of stocks and bonds from all over the world.


Select the platform best suited for you.

We have partnered with two of the most respected names in the industry — Schwab and Fidelity — to provide highly secure brokerage platforms for your portfolio management.  These special institutional relationships allow us to manage your portfolios easily and at a low cost.  These are your accounts.  You will receive a statement from the firm of your choice every month and you remain in control of your money.  Which firm you choose is up to you.

Transform your existing assets into your new Rebalance IRA portfolio.

After your investment platform has been selected, we expertly transform your existing assets into your Rebalance IRA portfolio.  This seemingly simple step requires experience and finesse, as any large conversion of assets could expose you to market risk. Our Simultrade technology transforms your assets into your new portfolio almost immediately, exposing you to minimal market timing risk, and the peace of mind that comes with it.


Monitoring Retirement Investments

We Monitor Your Investments Every Step of the Way

While you sit back and relax, your money is being closely monitored. A Rebalance IRA advisor, aided by our custom software system, tracks your investments daily. Studies show that asset allocation comprises 90% of the difference in returns between investors, so it becomes extremely important to keep your portfolio close to the optimal allocations that we originally developed on your behalf. Our system is designed to ensure that your asset allocations stay true to the plan.

We Rebalance Your Portfolio to Keep it Optimized

So what happens if your asset allocations deviate from your original plan? The answer to that question is in our name. Rebalance. Rebalancing is a simple, yet essential, process in which the higher-performing asset classes of your portfolio are sold, with the resulting money invested into the underperforming asset classes. This “tune-up” ensures that your current asset allocations are always in sync with your original plan. We know what you’re thinking. It sounds counterintuitive. But when you really think about it, rebalancing is simply a way of following the first rule of investing: Buy low and sell high.

We Keep You in the Loop

Our team of dedicated advisors keeps you informed of the progress of your portfolio through periodic check-ins. We will notify you of any rebalancing that has occurred, provide you with details on your investments’ growth, and probably ask you how your kids are doing.

…And Provide You with an Annual “Big Picture” Checkup

Once a year, we will have a live meeting to discuss the “big picture” of your retirement plan. We will talk less about your money and more about your life. Has your situation changed? Has your time horizon shifted? Do you want to retire in Paris instead of Boca Raton? Because ultimately our relationship with you is not just about money, it’s about helping you achieve your retirement goals.


Rebalance IRA investment review process for clients

Now sit back, relax, and watch your IRA grow.

While this sounds like hyperbole, it isn’t. Our proven methodology embraces the theory of “passive investing,” and not surprisingly, it requires a decidedly passive outlook on your money. You don’t need to check your statement every month (you can, of course, if you want) and move your money around based on how the market is behaving. You simply need to let the markets do what they do. Our hand-crafted asset classes, customized asset allocations, and automatic rebalancing will do the rest. You can be confident that passive investing has proven itself over forty years of academic scrutiny.

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