Sally Brandon
The Market Is High. Beware of Portfolio Drift.


Are you sure that your retirement investments are on the right track? One way to know is to ask your investment manager if they practice “rebalancing“. Rebalancing is the simple act of systematic adjustments to your investment percentages to reduce… Continue reading

Ron Lieber New York Times

Scott Puritz
Investing Short-Term When Stocks Are High? Imagine a Painful Drop


In a recent column for the New York Times, author Ron Lieber warns readers to be mindful of the unpredictable nature of the stock market when investing for the short-term. What is the simple solution to investing for the short-term,… Continue reading

John Bogle’s Advice On Stocks Proven Again — By Science


A new study of our innate human biases reinforces the value of diversification when it comes to stock investing. Short version: We just can’t help ourselves when we think we know something. Scientists call this confirmation bias, the unconscious way we… Continue reading

Wall Street Journal Paying for College

Five Common Mistakes People Make When Paying for College


In her recent Wall Street Journal column, Chana R. Schoenberger details the many pitfalls that families with college-bound children face, and the simple steps you can take to prevent and/or remedy these mistakes. Read the article, in full, below. As the school… Continue reading

How to find a new financial advisor

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do…With Your Financial Advisor


Firing a financial advisor can be uncomfortable, but certain circumstances make it necessary. Ending a relationship is never easy. You nurture it, get comfortable with it, and you learn what to expect. Sometimes you think about walking away because you’re… Continue reading

Fiduciary Rule Protections, Washington Post

A New Rule on Retirement Savings Advice Is in Your Best Interest


A new rule has just been implemented by the U.S. DOL, and it could be a game-changer for those saving for retirement. In this Washington Post piece, Michelle Singletary details the many aspects of the landmark “fiduciary rule,” and how… Continue reading

millennial retirement

7 Things Most Millennials Don’t Know About Preparing For Retirement


Recently, Forbes published an eye-opening article about the challenges that millennials face when saving for retirement. For those in their 20’s or 30’s, retirement may seem a lifetime away; however, that time will approach faster than you can anticipate. Read on… Continue reading

male testosterone investment

Testosterone Messes With Your Investing Brain


A landmark 2001 study showed that women outclassed men as investors by nearly 1 percent per year. Now we are coming closer to understanding why: Testosterone interferes with the male investor’s brain. A new study from Caltech, Wharton, Western University… Continue reading

Don’t Fall Into the Market Timing Trap

Don’t Fall Into the Market Timing Trap


One of the more interesting reactions to the Rebalance IRA approach is hearing the ideas people have of “passive” investing and “market” returns, especially investors who still believe in market timing. “Oh, I would never be a passive investor. There… Continue reading

Are Fund Managers Doomed? Warren Buffett Advice

Are Fund Managers Doomed? Making the Case for Passive Investing’s Triumph


Why use index funds? Warren Buffett and Rebalance IRA Investment Committee members Charley Ellis and Burt Malkiel make a convincing argument in this piece for the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

Your 401(k) costs you far too much money

It’s Your Money, Take It With You, Dammit!


One thing not to forget when you leave a job: your 401(k)! Scott Puritz spoke to Rodney Brooks at The Washington Post about the best practice of taking your retirement savings with you when you switch jobs. Continue reading


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