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Finding Investment Advice for More Modest Retirement Accounts

Finding Investment Advice For More Modest Retirement Accounts

The New York Time’s Ron Lieber discusses the problem of getting premium investment service without having a premium retirement portfolio. His exploration reveals a gap between high-end institutional-style investing and the high-fee world of actively-managed mutual funds. Rebalance IRA, he concludes, is here to fill that gap. Continue reading

Investing for 2016 in an Expensive Market

Investing for 2016 in an Expensive Market

In his annual Wall Street Journal start-of-the-year stock market analysis, Rebalance IRA Investment Committee member Professor Burton Malkiel explains how best to invest for 2016 in an “expensive” market. Continue reading

Burt Malkiel Wall Street Journal Indexing Beats Wall Street

Indexing Beats Wall Street 90% of the Time

A recent report from Standard & Poor’s adds impressive support to the large body of evidence suggesting the superiority of simple index investment strategies over traditional stock picking. At the start of every year, “active” portfolio managers declare that the… Continue reading

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