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Lessons Learned from 2008

Rebalance your retirement investment portfolio correctly

The Lessons of 2008

Lessons of 2008: It's tempting to take all your chips off the table, but it's better to stay the course, says Jay Vivian of the Rebalance IRA Investment Committee.
How often should you rebalance your retirement investments?

Lessons from the 2008 Stock Market Crash

Charley Ellis of the Rebalance IRA Investment Committee on the lessons from the 2008 stock market crash.
How to rebalance your retirement investments

Market Timing Is Dangerous

Market timing is dangerous, explains Burton Malkiel of the Rebalance IRA Investment Committee, and author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street.
Burt Malkiel On CNBC's On The Money

Burt Malkiel On CNBC’s On The Money

Our own Burt Malkiel talks with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo about investor confidence, the bond market, and why Rebalance IRA's low fees and index funds make so much investing sense.
Even Amid The Current Turmoil, Stocks Still Beat Bonds

Even Amid The Current Turmoil, Stocks Still Beat Bonds

Despite an increase in apparent market malfunctions, our own Burt Malkiel makes the case that markets are working exactly as they should—further underscoring our passive-investment philosophy: that over time, market returns are good returns and the best reaction to short-term volatility is no reaction at all.

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