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The Center for Retirement Investing is an educational project that helps everyday Americans do a better job of managing their retirement investments. Ivy League professors and prestigious finance industry experts translate the complexities of modern investing into easy-to-understand concepts and actionable advice.

Index Investing

Rebalance your retirement investment portfolio correctly

Why IBM Moved To Index Investing

Jay Vivian of the Rebalance IRA Investment Committee and former IBM pension and retirement fund manager, on why IBM moved to index investing.
How often should you rebalance your retirement investments?

Indexing: Let The Pros Work For You

Charley Ellis of the Rebalance IRA Investment Committee explains indexing and your retirement investments and how the professional investors set the prices.
How to rebalance your retirement investments

Get “Above Average” Returns

Low-cost index funds are the best way ot get above average returns, according to Burton Malkiel of the Rebalance IRA Investment Committee.
Charley Ellis interview on retirement investing on National Public Radio NPR

Charley Ellis On NPR

NPR’s Uri Berliner takes $5,000 of his own savings and puts it to work. That’s why he contacted our own Charley Ellis. His advice: The high expense ratios of actively managed mutual funds make it practically impossible to beat market returns, so don’t try. Go with a low-expense service such as Rebalance IRA.

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